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Originally, PWYP’s work focussed on revenue transparency. Now, our members’ work spans the whole of the value chain. This menu displays the range of strategic options – grouped under our three pillars – that they implement in the pursuit of an open and accountable extractive sector.

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Vision 20/20
vision 20/20

Vision 20/20 represents PWYP’s new strategy document. It encapsulates the strategy development process, our chain for change, strategic option and governance structure.

Extracting The Truth
PWYP Passport

This document encapsulates everything you need to know about being a member of the PWYP coalition. It covers our full governance structure including operating principles and membership standards.

Extracting Experiences
extracting experiences

In 2012, PWYP members gathered from all over the world to celebrate the coalition’s tenth anniversary. It was a time for celebration, but also reflection and big decisions as PWYP’s Vision 20/20 strategy was endorsed. This booklet was created as a means to record – and disseminate– the content of this event.